communication with the public who love literature

communication with the public who love literature

2016.12 - 2017.2
Development is the website which provides literature-related online contents. 

Munhak3 is the name composed with the hope that it reads as the literature and life.

Additionally, it stands for the triannual publish term.

It shares the contents of the literary magazine published by Changbi, and it focuses on communication with the public who love literature through various channels.

301 Lab did its best to establish the digital platform with a high degree of completion that can facilitate Chanbi’s experimental attempt, which puts the artistic authority, characterized as a critique, aside.

For the general composition, we aimed to foster a more casual design with the brand elements developed for Munhak 3 and the layout exuviated from the grid.

This design is based on the notion which defines that the literature is not the culture that particular intellectuals but for everyone in their lives.

The screen composition removed all obstacles in terms of subscribing the piece like serialized novel and details on type elements that focus on the readability are the points that 301 emphasizes.

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