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Leading architecture professional Team in seoul

Leading architecture professional Team in seoul

2017.10 - 2018.1

Doojin hwang architects, located in Tongui-Dong, Seoul, is evaluated as the leading architecture professional group, which is broadening the prospect of Korea’s contemporary architecture based on the understanding of the culture and history.

Since its establishment in 2000, it has been working towards reading, researching, and changing Seoul, and it is expressing its thoughts on the architecture and cities of the new era as the world beyond.

In the process of establishing the new website for Doojin hwang architects, by 301 focused on clearly conveying the view and the story in which the group sees the city and expressing those elements delicately and flexible.

In terms of the philosophy of Doojin hwang architects, one can find the representative symbolism in its project categorization.

Beyond the linear categorization practice of the pre-existing architecture in terms of the method and use, the group approaches the categorization through keywords which pass through the era such as "porosity", "rainbow rice cake architecture", "geometry", "integration" and "urban regeneration", thus putting the meaning of re-establishing the value system of the architecture.

301lab considers this approach as the second manifest of Modernism which contains the spirit of the era that argues the action which an architect building a house cannot be defined alone as the result of the combination of design and technology.

The online experience from Doojin hwang architects required to contain such values, and we connected each project within the composition that includes the mutual causation as if we insert the plot into the narration; through this scheme, we sought to induce the users to discover the new definition and meaning of the outcome.

The four-column structure layout woven delicately based on grid informs the visitor with the sufficiently predictable flow and responses to the inquiry securely and respectfully.

Additionally, we exposed major images on the main screen and project detail with wider composition to provide a visually richer experience.

We implemented the multi-site technology to use the new website as an effective tool for organizational operation, beyond the simple tool of promotion.

We expect the website can act as an adequate communication platform to effectively collaborate between teammates and improving the work efficiency.

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