Smartcity Lab
which centers on the debate about the futuristic city

Which centers on the debate about the futuristic city

2018.07 - 2018.12

In promoting an urban development project, the way which a company or local government leading the project showed its limitations a while ago.

As the civic consciousness matures with the alternatives of overpopulation of the capital area, urban restoration, and new ideal mood on the tradition/culture, the city in the present time is no longer a target of speculation nor the playground of the capital.

People are now conceiving them as the object which they have to look through thoughtfully as the space of our lives.

Therefore, the Sol La Si Do Smart City Lab Project has begun to sublate the technological approach of the past, to accumulate the discussion for our and the next generation that will cultivate the ground of living, and to energize the ground for public debate.

Smart City Lab is the early stage of the governance based on entities such as living lab participated by residents, public interest and various expert opinion, forming a sort of the roundtable which centers on the debate about the futuristic city.

Pont Neuf, Paris by Renoir

As a reply to the brand concept of Sol La Si Do, motivated from Monet’s piece, Smart City Lab has chosen Pont Neuf, Paris by Renoir as the representative image.

The culture of Paris, the dynamic modern city, and the sight of Pont Neuf, the symbol of tourism, integrate the cutting-edge technology to research the happiness of city dwellers, and such characteristics resemble the purpose of Sol La Si Do Smart City Lab.

Pont Neuf means “New Type of Bridge,” which built to renew the urban infrastructure to improve the traffic.

After the construction of Pont Neuf, all other bridges in Paris were rebuilt, and Pont Neuf was named as a “new bridge,” as opposed to being the oldest bridge in Paris, creating an ironic episode.

For Sol La Si Do City Lab, the group aims to take an eclectic approach by preserving culture, history, and ecosystem as well as implementing the fourth-generation technology, Pont Neuf is one of exceptional legacy brand cases.