SOLASEADO, Smart city

SOLASEADO, Smart city

2018.07 ~ 2018.12

SOLASEADO project is the massive urban development project which both private, and public entities such as Bosung Inc. and Jeollanam-do province government participate.

The project targets 5342 acres of land located throughout the shoreline of Jeollanam-do, and it aims to create the futuristic city with a new type of approach which differs itself from pre-existing new town development by preserving the ecosystem and concentrating the technology of the fourth industrial revolution.

The website of Sol La Si Do, which will newly define the shape of the city, introduced impressionistic art pieces as a primary design concept to fulfill the expectation and imagination.

Impressionists drew pictures on the outside to capture different shades depending on the light of the day, and they found motives and objects to draw within ordinary people and their lives, beyond the classics.

The way impressionists created a new prospect of the painting is what the development philosophy of human-centered Sol La Si Do Smart City development seeks to resemble; the project seeks to create energy with the dazzling sunlight of southern shore and industrializes the tourism and high-tech agriculture, so people in the city could benefit from their daily lives.

The way C. Monet re-interpreted the light around him to open the door for the impressionism is similar to what Sol La Si Do strives for through establishing “sunlight industry” using the sunlight as the energy source; the similarity is expressed with Monet’s work, “The Cliff Walk, Pourville,” morphed with the image of the city on the main screen.

Additionally, the piece which sets itself in the ocean and sky of the Atlantic Ocean that Monet liked and visited often reminds the warm sun, beautiful lake, and the sight of the ocean of the location which the project takes place.

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